From the book, for comparison:

Electromancy lay dormant in the genes of all the wyvernai. She’d tried everything she could think of to activate it: changing the Wing’s diet, injecting them with hormones, even altering their sleep schedules. Finally, she’d been forced to conclude it was linked to dominance . . . and the most dominant wyvern of them all lacked a pilot.

Indigo desperately wanted her knowledge. Only a woman with the skill to create new species could possibly challenge a woman who’d been doing that for centuries. If Mathus did not need her running the eastern edge of his new empire, she’d make a valuable hostage in a deal with Indigo . . . or a sacrificial lamb to please his ‘sister’. The Valves were incapable of feeling loyalty or gratitude to helpful humans who’d outlived their usefulness.

So she’d put aside her childish dream for her own good and rolled the dice that a lonely carpet salesman with anger management issues could become a force capable of controlling the Wing until the time was right . . . and then, one capable of bringing armies to heel. A force who’s loyalty would belong to her and her alone.

Mathematical genius she was, the odds of her gamble succeeding remained impossible to calculate.